2012 Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River BAH Rates – PCS Orders to Jacksonville NC

Listed below is the 2012 Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River BAH Rates by pay grade.

2012 BAH Rates-With Dependents                   2012 BAH Rates-Without Dependents

E1     $1,104                                                              E1      $828

E2     $1,104                                                              E2      $828

E3     $1,104                                                              E3      $828

E4     $1,104                                                              E4      $828

E5     $1,158                                                              E5      $978

E6     $1,353                                                              E6      $1,059

E7     $1,398                                                              E7      $1,107

E8     $1,446                                                              E8      $1,197

E9     $1,548                                                              E9      $1,257

WO1  $1,356                                                              WO1  $1,083

WO2  $1,419                                                              WO2  $1,194

WO3  $1,479                                                              WO3  $1,263

WO4  $1,575                                                              WO4  $1,362

WO5  $1,689                                                              WO5  $1,410

O1E   $1,407                                                              O1E   $1,158

O2E   $1,470                                                              O2E   $1,242

O3E   $1,593                                                              O3E   $1,353

O1     $1,179                                                              O1    $1,050

O2     $1,347                                                              O2    $1,140

O3     $1,476                                                              O3    $1,281

O4     $1,731                                                              O4    $1,404

O5     $1,917                                                              O5    $1,437

O6     $1,935                                                              O6    $1,479

O7     $1,953                                                              O7    $1,509  

If you have any questions, please call/text me at 910-467-3602 or email at loniwalker@gmail.com.  Keep in mind I can show you any homes for sale in the area.  I look forward to helping you!  Loni

Homes for Sale:  City of JacksonvillePiney Green Jacksonville, Southwest Jacksonville, Northwest Jacksonville, Northern Jacksonville, Richlands, Hubert, Swansboro, Sneads Ferry, Holly Ridge, Maysville, Topsail Beach North, Carteret County, and Other Nearby Counties

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