Real Estate Market Report 2010

Jacksonville Resale Homes and New Constructions

Onslow County ended 2010 with an increase in the number of homes sold from 2009.  Resale homes decreased in 2010; however new constructions increased in 2010.

Jacksonville Resale Homes :  Average Price Sold $158,473  –  910 Homes Sold – 70 Days on the Market.  Jacksonville New Constructions:   Average Price Sold $200,459 – 538 Homes Sold – 96 Days on the Market.

Richlands Resale Homes:  Average Price Sold $162,992 – 117 Homes Sold – 71 Days on the Market.  Richlands New Constructions:  Average Price Sold $173,283 – 409 Homes Sold – 127 Days on the Market.

Sneads Ferry Resale Homes:  Average Price Sold $238,176 – 35 Homes Sold – 90 Days on the Market.  Sneads Ferry New Constructions:  Average Price Sold $242,967 – 64 Homes Sold – 62 Days on the Market.

Hubert Resale Homes:  Averae Price Sold $156,736 – 181 Homes Sold – 69 Days on the Market. Hubert New Constructions:  Average Price Sold $200,258 – 122 Homes Sold – 122 Days on the Market.

Swansboro Resale Homes:  Average Price Sold $221,230 – 50 Homes Sold – 168 Days on the Market.    Swansboro New Constructions:  Average Price Sold $220,640 – 50 Homes Sold – 104 Days on the Market.

This does not include townhouses and manufactured homes.

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